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Client Satisfaction Survey

We aim to continually improve the service to our clients.

Please give us your feedback. Answers will be kept confidential.

1. How satisfied were you with the overall service received from us?

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2. Do you think your objectives were understood?

If no, please give reasons why:

3. Were you given clear advice as to your options before, during and after the matter?

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4. Did we meet your objectives?

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5. In general, how satisfied were you with the service you received from us:
6. Do you think the service we offer is value for money?

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7. What could we do to improve the service that we offer?
8. Did we treat you fairly at all times?

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9. Would you recommend the practice to a colleague, friend or family member?

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10. Please use the space below for any additional comments:

Don’t worry, we will only contact you with regards to your enquiry and your details will be deleted forever after an appropriate period of time. We will never pass on your information to anyone else.

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